Just flirting with your customers?

When it comes to emotional relationships, we are all familiar with the first date experience, that often begins with simply being introduced through friends or other trusted channels. Of course, you’re probably ‘flirting’ with others at this stage too so, although you quite like what you see, you’re both probably just enjoying the attention and [...]

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Love: The foundation of a good marriage and a trusted business

Good relationships are at the heart of all that is great – love, friendship, families, our homes and our working partnerships with a trusted business. The main reason is that if we give our all to something, it is worth it. Love and enthusiasm go hand-in-hand, but so does dedication. Just as true love [...]

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Thinking of buying an incredibly cheap property? What you need to be aware of

Investing in a new home is a major undertaking and you have to be sure you are getting value for money – but don’t be misled by a bargain buy cheap property. With 40 year’s experience to draw on, Xtenda’s building advice is to always do your research and don’t be too easily swayed by [...]

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Building Control Partners With Xtenda!

Xtenda has received a very warm welcome from the Local Authority Building Control, LABC Partner Authority Scheme. Our business is now registered with the scheme which means that all local authorities in England and Wales will accept the decisions of our chosen Partner Authority. We also get a consistent interpretation of the Building Regulations on our projects, [...]

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