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Love: The foundation of a good marriage and a trusted business

Good relationships are at the heart of all that is great – love, friendship, families, our homes and our working partnerships with a trusted business. The main reason is that if we give our all to something, it is worth it. Love and enthusiasm go hand-in-hand, but so does dedication. Just as true love [...]

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Clear out the clutter and make space for your family

The start of a new year is a time for new beginnings and making plans for the year ahead – it's also a great time to start thinking about projects around the home. One problem faced by most families is clutter – there just isn’t enough space for everything and, as a result, toys, books, [...]

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How to Avoid Floor Insulation Gaps

Insulating floors will go a long way towards making a property more energy efficient. But gaps, however small, can often compromise good insulation by allowing air leakage that can lead to cold bridging and other issues. This advice is for floor insulation above a concrete floor and below a screed. It’s good practice to fit [...]

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Top Tips for Adding Value to Your Home

A loft or garage conversion is the easiest way to add valuable living space to your home, with an extra bedroom and bathroom or, perhaps, a playroom and downstairs loo/utility area. An increase in the number of bedrooms will almost certainly add to the value of your home and, once you have more than three [...]

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The Best Investment

A new conservatory has to be the best investment in today’s marketplace. When you can’t afford to move but you desperately need extra living space, it’s hard to beat a new conservatory for value and functionality. Staffordshire building company Xtenda are approved installers for the elitisUltra framed Conservatory range so, in just 2 weeks, you could [...]

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