When it comes to emotional relationships, we are all familiar with the first date experience, that often begins with simply being introduced through friends or other trusted channels. Of course, you’re probably ‘flirting’ with others at this stage too so, although you quite like what you see, you’re both probably just enjoying the attention and interest of the other party.

The first date is coming to a close and you’ve both been on your best behaviour and seem to get along; you like the same kind of things, think the same kind of way and the more you learn, the more you begin to think you’d like the opportunity to know a bit more.

So, you meet again and realise your original ‘gut instinct’ was right. This feels good … it feels comforting. You definitely share the same values in life … wow! This could get serious! Time to be going steady and, if you’re lucky, onward to an exclusive, committed relationship.

Just flirting with your customers? Aly and John Xtenda

“..when you realize you want to spend the rest of your life with somebody, you want the rest of your life to start as soon as possible.” When Harry Met Sally – 1989

And there we have the whirlwind romance. But doesn’t this strike a chord with your business relationship development?

For a start, how will your future customer ever meet you if they are not introduced through trusted channels? OK, so we have the ‘PoF’ approach of just looking for anyone, anywhere. Perhaps the preferred choice of those needing a quick, but not necessarily qualified nor quality connection. Certainly NOT the choice of those that have been ‘burned’ by a bad relationship in the past.

A good argument for the right kind of networking, perhaps? The kind that introduces you to the level of business partners you are specifically looking for. But do you actually KNOW what kind of customers you are looking for?

Good working relationships are invaluable in meeting your business objectives and giving the customer what they want and expect.

For us, we are working with our customers’ most financially valuable asset – their homes – so, making sure the customer trusts us and loves what we have done for them is paramount.

Our ‘dating’ process is about informing everyone of our own ‘emotional’ values. There are plenty of other service providers out there, but we want to be clear, right from the first date, about what is important to US.

Just as with a potential life partner, we want customers who believe as strongly as we do about how to invest their hard-earned money.

We share a very specific ‘partner profile’, where we work with people who are truthful, decent and honest; who care about a quality finish; who care about how we communicate with their neighbours; who know we will give them the very best products and services their money can buy; who know they can trust us to do a great job for a fair price and never ask them for any more money than originally agreed; and who want a lifelong, committed relationship with the partner company that will always look out for their best interests in home maintenance and improvement.

So, how do we know where to find them? Well, that’s a trade secret, of course! But it’s know-how that has helped us to survive and thrive in the building trade for over 40 years.

What are your ‘emotional’ values?

This ethos of partnership, trust, caring and loyalty has its foundations in the family behind the firm. John and I have been celebrating our 40th wedding anniversary – isn’t it exciting?!

Just flirting with your customers? Aly and John Xtenda-02

Our first ‘date’ was aged 9 and 11 on the banks of a canal, where we both tried to pull an old moped from the water and quickly learned we shared a common love of motorbikes. It was enough to ensure we met again every single day of our lives thereafter.

We grew up together, each working hard to build the safe and secure life and home we didn’t have as children. We’ve worked so hard to build our values into our business and know only too well how important it is to get the best value for every hard-earned penny.

Over four decades of love, dedication and loyalty serves as a great reminder of the qualities that are important in every thread of our life. We wouldn’t know how else to be.

Our customers love our work. We accept no less. We build long, strong and lasting relationships that quickly turn into friendships and have created for us a truly valued Xtenda’d family.

Are you still in love?

Remember a time when you fell madly in love with your new home.

Maybe, over time, things started to get a bit too comfortable, a bit tired and lack-lustre. Maybe, you took your eye off the ball and began to neglect what you once adored? All is not yet lost!

Your needs have been continually changing, so maybe it’s time for some added space. For sure, your savings aren’t growing as quickly as your family, but maybe you can’t or just don’t want to move.

Maybe the emotional values you shared with your home at the start are still important, such as the great location, kind neighbours, good schools and facilities, near to work, friends or family – better built, more character and more space than all the new build estates.

With so many years’ experience to draw on, Xtenda is here to help you get that feeling back of excitement and joy and happiness as you drive up to your front door.

So, when can we meet for our first date? We guarantee you will fall in love again with the home you’re in.

Happy Valentines. Xx

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