Bungalow Reconfiguration, Newcastle, Staffordshire


Could you ALREADY be living in your dream home? Your location is perfect, your neighbours are amazing and you feel settled but, at the back of your mind, there’s still this need for space that is driving you crazy! You constantly think of what you would gain from an extra room, a larger kitchen/dining space, bedrooms, bathrooms or a few extra metres obtainable by a small extension. You think of having friends round, running a business from home, expanding your family or having people to stay more often. You love the idea of more natural light around the house or moving the living area from the front to the quieter back of the house. You’ve dreamed of it all but maybe didn’t ever think it was possible to create in reality.

Kay’s Colourful Kitchen


Kay wanted a kitchen for entertaining her friends Kay is the Managing Director of a successful Marketing company and the owner of a very unique and beautiful riverside home. Time had come for a new kitchen and entertaining area, alongside a few other refurbishments to refresh and modernise her tiered-level living areas.As a single mum, [...]