Bungalow Reconfiguration, Newcastle, Staffordshire


Could you ALREADY be living in your dream home? Your location is perfect, your neighbours are amazing and you feel settled but, at the back of your mind, there’s still this need for space that is driving you crazy! You constantly think of what you would gain from an extra room, a larger kitchen/dining space, bedrooms, bathrooms or a few extra metres obtainable by a small extension. You think of having friends round, running a business from home, expanding your family or having people to stay more often. You love the idea of more natural light around the house or moving the living area from the front to the quieter back of the house. You’ve dreamed of it all but maybe didn’t ever think it was possible to create in reality.

Grandad’s Gorgeous Garage Conversion


Len wanted to be closer to his daughter Len had a truly beautiful bungalow in mid Staffordshire, but when his dearly loved wife passed away after a lifetime together, understandably, he began to feel quite lonely.Although Len has a very loving daughter, moving to be nearer to her didn't feel like an option as he [...]

Exceptional Extension for Entertaining


Adrian needed extra space to entertain his friends Ade is a very busy Manager for a global organisation.He lives in Stone with his lovely wife Tracey and they have a young, lively and growing family. A keen Sportsman, Ade enjoys spending time with the children but has yearned for more living space, especially to create [...]

Revitalizing a Victorian Villa


Val and Allen breath new life into an old building Val and Allen were native to Staffordshire but had lived most of their married life in London.Time had come to retire ‘home’ and so they bought a magnificent, but un-modernised Victorian Villa in Stafford. The good news was that the Villa was very much in [...]

Our Place Needs More Space


Angela and Graeme now have their dream home In a small detached property in Stone, with two, fashion-conscious and popular teenage daughters, Angela and Graeme were tripping over the girls’ bags and belongings and crying out for more space. The girls were always bringing their lovely but lively school friends home to stay, adding to [...]