A new conservatory has to be the best investment in today’s marketplace.

When you can’t afford to move but you desperately need extra living space, it’s hard to beat a new conservatory for value and functionality.

Staffordshire building company Xtenda are approved installers for the elitisUltra framed Conservatory range so, in just 2 weeks, you could spread your wings and have a beautiful new living room, dining room, study, entertainment area or playroom that brings more daylight into your home and gives you more room to breathe.

With energy costs soaring, you’ll be happy to find that Elitis ‘A’ rated windows are designed to capture the sun’s free warmth and to keep it there, providing an exceptional U-value to keep the heat in your home, even when the sun isn’t shining.

Family security is everything and using the very latest in specialist glass coatings and state-of-the-art thermal chambers, our steel reinforcement has 80 times the structural strength of plastic so you get only the best security alongside the best energy efficiency.

With every frame fitted, you get many more benefits too, such as:

  • Full written manufacture’s 15 year product warranty
  • Each elitis window is individually registered with its own energy rates BFRC certificate
  • Manufactured by elitis: a British Standards Licensed company ISO9001, BS7412, Secured by Design
  • Steel Reinforcement to British Standards. High security hinges and locking
  • The option of Police recommend Secured by Design standard for vulnerable areas requested at time of order
  • ‘A’ energy rated as standard on white, coloured and woodgrain effect frames.
  • Top all of that with the added benefit of the Xtenda exclusive ‘DROPStopper’ technology fitted to all windows and doors, making your frames even safer and easier to maintain.

So as 30% of the UK’s carbon emissions come from our homes and 23% of the heat we pay for escapes through our windows, some 60% of our home energy is spent on simply heating! That means that nearly a quarter of your annual heating bill does nothing other than damage our environment! So apart from the obvious saving of money, every improvement you make on these figures has significant benefit to all our futures.

It costs you nothing to speak to us about your ideas, plans or aspirations for your home so CALL TODAY 01785 817981 to speak to our design team. We’re happy to help!