Top Tips for Adding Value to Your Home

Top Tips for Adding Value to Your Home

A loft or garage conversion is the easiest way to add valuable living space to your home, with an extra bedroom and bathroom or, perhaps, a playroom and downstairs loo/utility area. An increase in the number of bedrooms will almost certainly add to the value of your home and, once you have more than three bedrooms, potential buyers nowadays are looking for at least two bathrooms.

A survey of 110 estate agents, carried out by mortgage lender ‘GE Money’ concluded that a loft conversion adds an average 12.5% to the selling price.

It is estimated that around 90% of British garages don’t contain a car so they are a wasted asset. It is possible to reconfigure most single garages to make room for a store area to the front – for housing the garden equipment, pushbikes and toys – a living room and a small utility or downstairs loo are to the rear.

A bathroom make-over can make any home more inviting but doesn’t have to mean that you simply replace the suite. The room can be taken back to the bare walls and a good builder will be able to redesign and reposition your bath, shower, sinks and toilet to create a fabulous, modern bathroom. It’s the room where everyone spends time, so well worth the investment.

The old idea of conservatories has made way for the more semi-permanent Orangery. These tend to be of a part brick and part glass construction and can have a roof of glass or tile. They are relatively quick to build and add a single room to your existing home. Much more functional than a conservatory, an Orangery can be lived in all year round as it is easier to temperature control. This can still be a wrap-around design if you wish to add, maybe, a bright and welcoming living and a dining space.

An Orangery or Conservatory is said to add around 7% to the value, while a full-blown extension adds 11%.

The ultimate improvement has to be in creating a new kitchen. Whether that includes extending the room or reconfiguring the existing space, a modern, functional and well-designed new kitchen, with fresh appliances is a sure fire way to add value to your property. We don’t just cook in it; we do homework in it, watch television in it and hold dinner parties there, so the kitchen is now the centrepiece of the home. If your budget can only stretch to improving one room, make it your kitchen.

The typical house buyers of today are more likely to want a home that is ready to live in and are looking for properties that have already been updated and modernised to a high standard. Typically, a new kitchen will add 4.6% onto the value.

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