Andrew and his wife Jo are full time working parents and Health Professionals. For Jo, that means working shifts and trying to sleep during the day when all the world is wide awake! With the layout of their 3 bed semi in Crewe, peace and quiet was especially unheard of when the children were at home.

Andrew was finding it really hard to keep the children entertained at home after school and during the school holidays as their master bedroom was directly above the lounge area. That meant children’s TV programmes were only watched with the sound off and all activities needed to be as quiet as possible. Neither easy nor reasonable for two very young children! It often felt as though they were spending a small fortune, at times, taking the children out to play barns and swimming pools, shopping malls and country parks, just to allow Jo to grab that much needed sleep she craved. And with our English weather, outdoor adventures were not always possible.

The children wanted to bring their little friends home to play too and the devoted mum and dad were feeling more and more guilty and concerned that their work and careers were not conducive to the well-being and happiness of their babies. Home family life certainly wasn’t turning out the way they had planned it! The house itself was beautiful – in a really good schools area, with great facilities nearby and they were close to family and friends. Moving would be too expensive and too much of a compromise so Jo called on Xtenda for help.

“When you work hard for your money, you don’t want to waste it. We had a number of quotes and Xtenda’s was the Company recommended to us by a trusted friend. John was the only builder to question our ideas and he freely offered valuable guidance and new design ideas. All prices were outlined in advance and there was always a range of cost options available to us. We appreciated being able to change aspects of our designs along the way, as the structure took shape and we could better visualize how we might use the space. The whole team was honest, trustworthy and, above all, reliable. With our new kitchen/family room extension – we now eat all our meals together around our fabulous’ Island, and we definitely spend much more time together as a family. As for the finish of the work – we love it!”

Xtenda designed, supplied and built a new kitchen extension and snug area/living space to the rear of the internal garage. With its own entrance door, Andrew could feed and entertain the children without any noise reaching the front of house master bedroom. In the traditional, cottage-style, Shaker kitchen with AGA range cooker, we included a large Island with a strong and easy-wipe granite surface and room for four high-backed stools. This has allowed the children to have a place to eat and also a great place to paint, clay-model and play games.

The snug was created as a family TV and sitting area and there is plenty of floor space for the children to play with any friends they bring home. At last, Jo is getting uninterrupted sleep and the children are not being told to be quiet. Family stress levels are lower and everyone feels so much happier. And when the children are in bed at night, the new snug area can become a party area for the grown-ups to relax and laugh together without disturbing the children’s sleep. Xtenda is proud to have helped yet another lovely family to solve their space issues and once again ‘Love the home you’re in’!

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