About us

About us

Few Words About The Company

At Xtenda, we pride ourselves on our principles. We have an active moral compass that guides everything we do. Our company is built on a solid foundation of core values, designed to protect our customers and help us to do work that has purpose and meaning. We have identified nearly 100 values that are important to us.

Our top 5 most cherished values are:

• Security: Everything we do is designed to keep you safe
• Trust: We are dedicated to building long-term, trusting relationships
• Respect: We treat you and your home with the utmost courtesy and respect
• Warmth: We are naturally warm and friendly people and we want you to feel comfortable in our company
• Family: We are a family-run business and we treat our employees and customers as an extension of our family

A common fear when choosing a building company is that they will take your money and disappear. Unfortunately, this is a genuine risk. We want you to feel confident that Xtenda would never, ever do that to you.


Our Specialities



Is your need for space growing faster than your savings? ‘Little surprises’ can often be the first time we realise how little space we have in our homes. Instead of decorating a tiny nursery, how about adding a bedroom, play room or extra bathroom to ‘future-proof’ your house now with an extension, for when those tiny feet grow bigger?

Love it or List it!

Need to get a move sorted and quickly? Xtenda can freshen up your property for quicker sale, sticking to a fixed-price budget that you can afford. We will never charge you a penny more than what we agree up front so you can rest assured.


Nest is bare and bank account depleting? You’ve worked hard your whole life and seen to everyone else’s needs. Now it is YOUR time to be happy and comfortable. Down-sizing is a fabulous opportunity to have your new home designed for YOU. We can reconfigure almost any property, without extending, to gain you the perfect space for this time in your life.

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Our Solutions

Every Xtenda project starts with a comprehensive Construction Contract that outlines everything that will be done and the costs involved. Once this contract is signed by both parties, it is fixed. This means that you know exactly what you’re paying for and it forms the legal basis for the Fixed Price Guarantee. This protects you from nasty surprises and gives you something that you can hold us accountable to. Everything we do at Xtenda is very clear and concrete. We won’t be vague or non-committal, and we won’t leave you in the dark.

Xtenda is unique in offering you a full-circle service that protects your time and minimises your stress. We can do everything for you, from the very first designs to the final quality assessment. You are always in control, making the big decisions and choosing precisely what you want us to do. But after that you can trust us to get on with it and deliver on our promises.

A typical Xtenda project looks like this:

1. Free site visit
2. Full design service
3. Architectural drawings
4. Structural specification
5. Planning application and building control
6. Fixed price contract
7. Staged payments
8. Entire build
9. Fully project managed
10. Regular progress updates
11. Supply and fitting of all fixtures (including kitchens, bathrooms, windows and doors)
12. Tiling and decoration
13. Quality assessment
14. 1 year support and warranty

It’s an unfortunate fact of British life that we are unable to accurately predict all weather conditions – even during the summer. However, at Xtenda, we take this into account when planning your project. We want to be able to complete your project on the day we forecast, so we build contingency time into our project plans to allow for hold-ups due to circumstances outside of our control. What this means is that there is a chance your project will finish early, but rarely late. The only time we need to renegotiate the completion date is if the client wants to add to the project scope to make the job bigger.

As part of our Full-Circle Service, we will source and supply all of the materials necessary to complete your project. Things like kitchens, bathrooms, windows and doors . . . everything you need; we’ll take care of it. In this way, we can save you time and effort whist taking responsibility for making sure that everything arrives on site, in good condition and on time. You still make all the major decisions, but we protect you from unnecessary stress and it means that we can cover everything under our guarantee.

Another way that we protect the customer is by accepting staged payments. You pay for the project in pre-agreed tranches, linked to key project milestones. This allows you to spread the cost and gives you extra power and control; you release the funds as you see the project progressing. In this way, we don’t ask you to pay too much up front, giving you added security and confidence.

In comparison with most local building companies, we over-communicate with our clients. The way we see it, it’s better to call too often than not enough. We promise that you’ll never struggle to get hold of us and you’ll never feel that we’ve forgotten about you. We believe that good relationships are about good communication.