Case Study: Bungalow Reconfiguration, Newcastle-under-Lyme, Staffordshire

Could you ALREADY be living in your dream home?

It’s a conundrum! You love the home you’re in, but you really do need some extra space.

You’ve probably been looking around the new show homes that seem to be going up everywhere right now, but none of them give you that feeling of being ‘home’. They are small, cramped and far too close to the neighbours, with little space for parking your own cars, never mind those of visiting guests.

Sure, they’re new and fresh, but those generic and ‘samey’ houses are also really expensive. Apart from over-stretching your outgoings every month, they could take you away from a location that you have come to appreciate.

Bungalow Reconfiguration

So, what’s the alternative to moving? Well, have you ever even considered that you may already have your dream home? Whereby the footprint of your home may need to remain the same (within reason), with a little vision and creativity, you can probably reconfigure the entire interior layout of your existing home to create a brand-new space … and more of it.

When space is THE issue

Your location is perfect, your neighbours are amazing and you feel settled but, at the back of your mind, there’s still this need for space that is driving you crazy!

Xtenda Builders - Bungalow ReconfigurationYou constantly think of what you would gain from an extra room, a larger kitchen/dining space, bedrooms, bathrooms or a few extra metres obtainable by a small extension. You think of having friends round, running a business from home, expanding your family or having people to stay more often. You love the idea of more natural light around the house or moving the living area from the front to the quieter back of the house. You’ve dreamed of it all but maybe didn’t ever think it was possible to create in reality.

That’s exactly what Karen and Eric went through before Xtenda reconfigured their bungalow – completed in 2018. They loved their Newcastle-under-Lyme home, but it was just too small now that their grandchildren were visiting and had bags of energy to expend. They longed to be able to entertain friends and family with great food. Karen and Eric also knew their home was tired and dated and, if they to stay put, a refresh was the least that was needed, but not one that would cost the earth.

From potential disaster to saviour

The Barbours made the decision to extend their bungalow and employed an architect, who produced plans for a ‘grand design’ bungalow. However, after a troubled start when their original choice building firm went into administration, Eric found online.

Eric says that first impressions of Xtenda were of “vast experience and creativity,” so a call was made to John and Aly.

When John visited Karen and Eric and listened to their story, a bond was immediately formed. Eric recalls: “John bent over backwards to help us get out of the predicament we were in. Throughout the whole project, John listened to our ideas and provided whatever we wanted.”

Same home – new look

The original bungalow consisted of a bedroom, bathroom and small PVCu conservatory to the rear of the property. A kitchen, living room and further bedroom were located towards the front of the building. A garage, connecting hallway and rear garden completed the footprint of Karen and Eric’s home.

Only 5% of the original internal walls are now left within the bungalow and the front door has been moved to the side of the property. A large bedroom and a play area for the grandchildren are now at the front of the bungalow and the new layout has created a large modern kitchen for entertaining and separate open office space.

Xtenda Builders - Bungalow ReconfigurationA stunning fireplace has been installed as a focal point in the living area, to complement a brand-new apex roof extension, which leads out to a paved patio area. The windows to the rear of the property have been lengthened to increase the flow of natural light into the home and to provide beautiful views of the garden. Great care and attention was given to match up the existing bricks with the new brickwork for the extension.

“I love to sit by the window now and watch the birds in the garden,” Eric says.

Open to new ideas

Customers of Xtenda are afforded the freedom, peace and privilege of having every single skill, product and service provided within their one-stop contract. Xtenda begins with providing a range of ideas and then onto creating the architectural drawings and structural specifications.

Sadly, Eric and Karen had already been paid for drawings but, after listening to what they wanted and needed, John and the Xtenda team made additional suggestions to improve those designs.

With excellent existing relationships with the local planning officer and being partners in the Local Authority Building Control Scheme, all of Xtenda’s changes were approved swiftly and without dispute, allowing the job to go ahead as planned.

Additional needs were uncovered when Karen mentioned that her father uses a wheelchair, so the plans were adapted again to increase the size of the second toilet, enabling wheelchair access.

“We have so much more space, are no longer cramped into a small room when we have the family around and we really do now love the home we’re in. Xtenda made this possible,” added Karen.

“Aly and John welcome their customers as part of the family, they are always available, always open to ideas and will always accommodate what you ask, if it’s achievable.”

Xtenda are experts in helping you to re-imagine and remodel your home to meet the evolving needs of your family and environment.

We believe you may already be living in your dream home. Ask us to show you how! The Barbours did with their bungalow reconfiguration and they now love the home they live in. Whatever change you need to accommodate, we have the solution – drop us an email on or text John directly on 07973 344118.

Bungalow Reconfiguration
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