Ade is a very busy Manager for a global organisation.

He lives in Stone with his lovely wife Tracey and they have a young, lively and growing family. A keen Sportsman, Ade enjoys spending time with the children but has yearned for more living space, especially to create a larger area within their home in which to escape the noise and to entertain friends.

Ade and Tracey had lots of ideas about how they wanted the new living space to look and what features they hoped to have incorporated. However, they didn’t feel they would find a Builder that would have all the skills required to design and build on the part of the garden that was an awkward, uneven shape and mostly unutilized. They imagined that, even if they did, the cost would be astronomical, but their fears were allayed when they met John Davidson of Xtenda!

“With young children, it’s easy to feel lost amongst the toys and mayhem of family life at home. So having our own party sized entertainment area has re-awakened our adult social life and enabled us to have more people round to visit without disturbing the kids at bedtime. John’s designs have improved our family social life, retained our privacy levels, added features we never even considered possible and put to use a previously odd-shaped outside space. As for the build quality, well, we found the Xtenda Team to be very respectful, clean workers and they kept disruption to a minimum. We love it all and would definitely recommend Xtenda to anyone in the area. It was money very well spent!”

With over 30 years of building experience in the local area, John easily designed and built a single story extension to the side and rear of their magnificent home. He ensured it would link to the main property via a covered hallway that also provided for a separate entrance to the main house. This allowed the couple to have a totally private main home with a magnificent, yet subtly separate entertainment area.

Finding space within the build to add a new, downstairs guest bathroom gave the couple an additional unexpected benefit and the design also allowed for access from the new extension through to the kitchen.

Guests are now able to gather in the fabulous new entertainment room, without ever having to enter the ‘family area’ of the house. Best of all, because it is self-contained beyond the main house, any additional noise from the adult revellers does not disturb the children when in bed.

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