How long will it take?

The Project Schedule will be agreed with you in advance by your Builder but may look something like this:-

Week 1-2 Setting out, footings dug, and foundations poured
Week 3-4 Building up to damp-proof course (DPC), drains installed, DPC installed and concrete floor structure put in
Week 5 Building of external walls
Week 6 Internal walls built
Week 6-7 Roof structure built
Week 7 Roof Coverings
Week 8 Install windows and doors
Week 9 First fix electrics and plumbing; carpentry
Week 10 Break through from existing house, steels put in place, joins made good
Week 11 Plastering, followed by a period of drying out
Week 12 Second fix, electrics, plumbing, flooring fitted, and kitchen units installed
Week 14 Snagging


Ensuring Project Success

Be realistic with Your Schedule as some projects can take longer than anticipated. Being aware of this from the very beginning can help to avoid stress.

Budget wisely

Get fixed price quotes where you can and try to have a contingency fund (around 10 percent). There is nothing like a half-finished project, ground to a halt by an empty bank account, to get you down.

Be decisive

We all change our minds and it can sometimes be the case that once a project is underway, part of the design no longer seems the good idea it initially did. However, sticking to the original plan as much as possible will avoid delays and overspending.

Choose a reputable Builder

Don’t let your project turn into a series of arguments and let-downs. Choose tradesmen based on their previous work and trusted recommendations — not on the cheapest quote.

Consider Bathrooms

If you are adding bedrooms, you may well need to add a bathroom, or at least a shower room. If you are having more than three bedrooms, you will need more than one bathroom — otherwise future buyers could be put off the house.

You also need to remember the following:

  • Your tradesmen will require access to water and electrics.
  • Make sure you have a Builder that believes in regular communication.

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