Len wanted to be closer to his daughter.

Len had a truly beautiful bungalow in mid Staffordshire, but when his dearly loved wife passed away after a lifetime together, understandably, he began to feel quite lonely.

Although Len has a very loving daughter, moving to be nearer to her didn’t feel like an option as he and his wife had spent so many years creating their dream home. The bungalow had recently been decorated to his wife’s exquisite tastes; it was full of valuable furnishings they had bought together and memories they had made together.

After some time and a lot of lonely nights deliberating, Len began to accept this new Chapter in the story of his life. So, the family put their heads together and came up with a plan for them all to live together. The main concern for them was to find an affordable way for them all to share the same house while retaining very separate living spaces.

Hearing of our work in the area, Len and his daughter visited the home of Xtenda Managing Partners John and Aly Davidson where, over many cups of tea and a few cream cakes, we agreed on the design for a garage conversion to his daughter’s double garage.

“Until they were done, I didn’t realise how much we had enjoyed having the Xtenda Team on site! Nothing was too much trouble for them. They were happy to keep me informed of progress every day, kept the building areas clean and tidy and even supplied me with a few little extras for free!”

The aim was to replicate Len’s double-sized bedroom and en-suite bathroom from his bungalow, to allow for, at least, some of his cherished furnishings to come with him to his new abode. We worked from photographs of the bungalow and daily, with Len, to ensure no detail was overlooked. Within just a few weeks, the project was complete and another great success!

Len now has all the company he wants, when he wants, but still retains the familiarity, comfort, privacy and calm of his own large bedroom and bathroom. The whole family is happier too, knowing that ‘Dad’ is safely just across the hallway.

As for Xtenda? Once again, we had the pleasure and the privilege of working for a wonderful, loving family and have made even more new friends for life.

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