Val and Allen breath new life into an old building

Val and Allen were native to Staffordshire but had lived most of their married life in London.Time had come to retire ‘home’ and so they bought a magnificent, but un-modernised Victorian Villa in Stafford. The good news was that the Villa was very much in its original state but the bad news was that it needed totally refurbishment and quickly! The couple were setting out on this new chapter of their life together; they wanted their comforts and to settle in to their new home as soon as possible.With their huge period property in need of a total re-haul, it was imperative for Val and Allen to find local, traditionally trained Craftsmen who would understand and be sympathetic to retaining the Villa’s character. They knew the project was likely to cost a lot of their hard-earned retirement money, but they had no contacts in the local area and were concerned about choosing the right Builder.Looking at the Staffordshire Trader Register website, Val and Allen saw the number one company listed as Xtenda and were able to read about our business and skills before calling for an appointment.On meeting John Davidson, Managing Partner of Xtenda, Allen found John to be knowledgeable, experienced, approachable and aware of the issues that may arise with such an old property. As a former business professional himself, Allen was glad to be able to have an ‘intelligent’ conversation about his aspirations with the build and felt relieved that he had found the Builder he could trust.

“We just had the Villa re-valued by the agent who sold us the property and, thanks to the work of your team, it has increased in value by 25%! We were most impressed with the professionalism, flexibility and “can do” approach of your excellent team, who were a pleasure to have been associated with. The end result exceeded our expectations and, invariably, results in positive, if not envious comments from our visitors. We can’t thank John Davidson and the Xtenda team enough for a job well done, so please feel free to use us as a reference any time.”

Undertaking a vast remodel and refurbishment of the Victorian Villa, Xtenda began with the design and build of a new sunroom to the rear of the property that looks seamless to the original building.On digging the new foundation, Xtenda uncovered an old Victorian Water Well. However, our expertise and experience allowed Xtenda to offer Val and Allen a number of options regarding using, displaying or filling in the well. Despite this unforeseen challenge and associated additional work, the project continued to finish on time.Supplying and fitting an adjoining new period-style kitchen, we retained the wonderful character of the original kitchen, including antique floor tiles and true to period coloured wall tiles, whilst including all modern conveniences.Xtenda finished the project by supplying and fitting iron railings to the front low walls around the garden, bringing the property back to its full former glory, whilst also giving the couple maximum privacy and security from the busy path and roadway opposite.Val and Allen now love their magnificent Victorian Villa, with all its original character and features retained and improved, and have settled back into Stafford very comfortably.

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