Growing families

Is your need for space is growing faster than your savings? ‘Little surprises’ can often be the first time we realise how little space we have in our homes. Instead of decorating a tiny nursery, how about adding a bedroom, play room or extra bathroom to ‘future-proof’ your house now with an extension, for when those tiny feet grow bigger?

Elderly parents moving in

Lucky enough to still have a mum or dad? Life changes and, these days, we seem to need each other more and more. We can help mum or dad have an independent living, home-from-home with you. A quick and simple garage conversion can provide a beautiful, cost-effective bedroom and en-suite and their own homely retreat.

Retiring, relocating, or downsizing

Nest is bare and bank account depleting? You’ve worked hard your whole life and seen to everyone else’s needs. Now it’s YOUR time to be happy and comfortable. Down-sizing is a fabulous opportunity to have your new home designed for YOU. We can reconfigure almost any property, without extending, to gain you the perfect space for this time in your life.

Merging families

Kissed a load of frogs and found your Prince Charming? Everyone deserves love and security in their life, especially children. Moving in with a partner and their children means you can provide a secure and beautiful new living space for your merging families. Whether a garage or loft conversion, extension or reconfiguration, we can help you ALL to have a space of your own.

Can’t move or won’t move

Why spend money you can’t afford moving from a home you love? Great schools, lovely neighbours, close to work, friends and family – you don’t have to give that up. We specialise in redeveloping your property to give you all that you need now in the space you have. Let our wonderful design ideas and first class craftsmanship help you fall in love again with the home you’re in.

Doing the house up for sale

Need to get a move sorted and quickly? Xtenda can freshen up your property for quicker sale, sticking to a fixed-price budget that you can afford. We will never charge you a penny more than what we agree up front so you can rest assured.